How to find a doctor adapted to my needs?

To find a doctor, simply go to our homepage and enter the desired specialty and place in the search engine. Browse the results and find a doctor to suit your needs! In order to find the most qualified doctor according to your expectations, do not hesitate to rely on other users' comments.

Who are your doctors?

Our doctors are all qualified professionals whom we select with care and requirements. Each practitioner is certified in his specialty and is ready to provide you the best possible care.

How does the payment work?

Payment is made by credit card directly on the platform via our service provider MangoPay. Payment is secure and you are charged only when the appointment is confirmed by the doctor.

Is it possible to cancel an appointment?

It is possible to cancel your reservation, however, cancellation conditions apply if the doctor has already confirmed the appointment. These conditions may be different from one doctor to another. There are two types of cancellation: flexible or strict which correspond to a total or partial refund.


 For any other question, do not hesitate to contact the CocoDocto Team via the "contact us" form!