Who we are?

But who is hiding behind Cocodocto?

Cocodocto is a team of doctors and practitioners who have come together to embark on the adventure of the web.

Their desire is to facilitate access to heatlthcare for all and create a sort of database of doctors, and be able to access it easily.

With our experience in the hospital or office environment, we are able to define and understand the expectations of patients.
We offer the best possible and carefully select the practitioners present on our site, to ensure the best services.

Good consultation and good recovery !! :)

With whom have you been able to set up Cocodocto?

Cocodocto was born thanks to Cocolabs and Cocorico, which is the markerplace solution they have developed and implemented.
We were able to easily edit and upload our platform, and it was a pleasure to work on it.

You will find more information here: https://github.com/Cocolabs-SAS/cocorico